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Welcome to Hortemiller Blueticks
Here is a line of big game hounds that I have hunted with for nearly 30 years. These hounds are extremely cold nosed, run with their heads up and can cold trail in the roughest conditions. This strain of bluetick hounds have over 100 years of big game breeding behind it. It is one of the best big game bloodlines alive today in North America. They are awesome start dogs that can come behind others and start tracks that other dogs can't.
  Bottom line..... they can make the toughest big game climb!!!
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Watch our bear hunt with Michigan Out of Doors that aired on October 17, 2013 --with Brian Hortemiller, Rob Hopkins, Eric and Bubba Gritter, Jeff Burke, Don Aardema, and Greg and Adam Hanson!   Great show!!
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Griffon Bleu de Gascogne